Press Releases Just Became Easy!

We provide a premium press release writing and submission service at an affordable rate to small businesses. Our goal is to help small businesses spread their story while still being able to focus on what they do best.  

Tell PR story to all major media outlets!

We submit our press release to all the major content and media archive partners like the Associated Press (AP)LexisNexisProQuest, to name a few. These are used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers, journalists, and news curators to search for the direct sources of relevant news from within these significant outlets.

Loud Pipes SEO makes press releases easy for small businesses!

With our Press Release Service, you can:

Control Brand Authority and Reputation Management:​

Press releases help your company look great when someone searches for you. When you have more people reading about your brand, you will be seen more favorably by Google, and this will help your website rank higher. It also allows you to have influence and control of the story the way you would like it told.

Reach the Media:

Many if not most big brands already use press releases to distribute company news regularly, and local businesses should be doing the same. Not only is this great for reaching media outlets, but it also allows your company to provide seed content for future articles by reaching thousands of journalist and bloggers who follow your industry. It's possible they could use parts of your press release in their articles or quote your press release, thus expanding the coverage of your company.

Grow Website Traffic and Search Engine Visibility:

Many of the sites that pick up your press release have thousands of visitors who will click on the press release from their site and send them to your website. With the extra visits, using multiple keywords, and the backlinks generated with a press release, you can ranks your website more quickly.

Tap into Trends:

Depending on the keywords and the topic, your press release may allow your business to trend on Google News and gain additional media coverage and attention for your company.